ExO Stock Images


In order to drive community engagement and collaboration we are introducing the ExO Stock Images Program. This allows you to contribute to and use Stock images created by our Community. Contributors to the ExO Stock Image library will be rewarded with 250 EXOS for each image added to the Library.

How it Works


Community members can submit images to be used in the Library by all within the community under a creative commons licence. A few requirements for these images in order to add them to the ExO Stock images:

  1. Images must be inclusive and diverse in terms of Gender and Race
  2. All OpenExO Branding should follow the brand guidelines in the Shared Brand folder
  3. Tool images can be found here
  4. Images containing OpenExO Community members is preferred
  5. Images should be bright and cheerful
  6. Images should be high resolution at least 1920 pixels ×1080 pixels (1080p or full HD)

Reward for Images

For images that are aligned with the above requirements you will be rewarded 250 EXOS for each image chosen. Please do note that should multiple images that are similar be submitted not all images will be accepted. For example the images below are different but similar and only one would be rewarded. 


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